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Wild Goose Chase: 4 Alternatives to the Canada Goose Parka

Wild Goose Chase: 4 Alternatives to the Canada Goose Parka

From Kanuk to Crescent Down Works, here are our handpicked selections for a warm winter.

Canada Goose Iceland, Shot by Connor Surdi

If you live in any climate that flirts with sub-zero temperatures, you’ve likely come across the infamous Canada Goose parka, perhaps dawning one yourself. I’m guilty myself, sporting a navy blue, coyote-fur adorned parka for my first two years at University.

Since VC firm Bain Capital’s acquisition of the outfitter in 2013, the jackets have seen a downtick in quality matched with an uptick in price; further proving that VC is the bane (or perhaps Bain) of a garment’s legacy. In spite of their divergence from quality, Canada goose has become the sub-zero yuppie uniform, crowding snowy sidewalks from Yorkville Ave. to Bond St.

Although their quality has dropped off in the last decade, I hate to admit that these jackets still perform to some degree. Even I held onto mine long after developing a distain for the red, white, and blue badge sewn onto the arm. And I’ve heard similar sentiments echoed by fellow victims of The Goose, which is why I’ve taken it upon myself to rescue but a few lost souls looking for a way out. Here are 4 under the radar alternatives to Canada Goose. 

First, let’s define a benchmark. (I’m excluding the Mantra Parka from my critiques as I’ve only heard praise.)

Let’s highlight a few key metrics that can make or break a winter jacket, and set a benchmark with the parka I once wore: the Carson Parka. 

Canada Goose Carson Parka

Price: $1, 150 USD
Down Fill:  625 duck down
Temp. Rating: -15/25 C
Outer Material: ArticTech
Pocket Count: 3 exterior, 1 interior
Made in: Canada


1. And Wander Diamond Stitch Down Jacket

And Wander Black Diamond Stitch Down Jacket

Created by two ex-Issey Miyake designers, And Wander’s ability to combine technical performance with contemporary design is unmatched. My personal favourite out of their line is their Diamond Stitch down jacket, filled with some of the finest goose down on the market. If you want the statement-factor of a Canada Goose, but toned down to an IYKYK level of recognition, this is a great choice. Niche acclaim is achieved with a litany of features, from reflective stitching, to raglan sleeve construction, to a semi-gloss finish. In terms of warmth, style, and technical features, the And Wander blows the Canada Goose out of the water. The only area where the Goose may have the upper wing is with water resistance, as the And Wander uses an ultra thin Pertex nylon. Regardless, the And Wander using goose down, and the Canada Goose using duck down conveys my point.

Price: $1, 125 USD
Down Fill:  800 goose down
Temp. Rating: Unrated
Outer Material: Pertex Nylon Ripstop – DWR coating
Pocket Count: 2 exterior, 1 interior pouch/pack-bag
Made in: Japan

2. Kanuk Cavale

Kanuk Cavale

Kanuk is what some people think they’re buying when they purchase a Canada Goose jacket. These jackets have been made in Montreal for the past 50 years, only seeing improvements in quality and technology as the company has grown. The Cavale is a true winter workhorse, featuring free-range Hutterite 800 duck down as insulation. Silhouette is similar to the Carson, only the big arm badge and fur trim are substituted with a small Kanuk owl emblem and a plain hood. An above the knee length balances warms and mobility, and the adjustable elastic waistband is sure to curb any nasty winter drafts making it a great alternative to a Canada Goose.

Price: $1,290 USD
Down Fill:  800 duck down
Temp. Rating: -35 C
Outer Material: Wind-resistant 50/50 nylon cotton, DWR lining
Pocket Count: 4 exterior, 1 interior
Made in: Canada

3. Crescent Down Works Classico Down Parka

Crescent Down Works Classico Down Parka

For two thirds the price of the Carson Parka, Crescent Down Works’ Classico punches well above its weight. It has a similar water resistant cotton/nylon shell, but uses higher down fill and goose down instead of duck. For those who aren’t familiar, Crescent Down Works makes all of their down jackets in Seattle, WA, holding on to the once common practice of care-full domestic craftsmanship. Their styling is classic, unfussy, yet thoughtful. The two-way down-filled cargo pockets are sure to keep your hands warm regardless of which entry you choose. To sweeten the deal even further, the down-filled hood is removable with six leather-set snaps to keep it attached.

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Price: $744 USD
Down Fill:  700 goose down
Temp. Rating: Unrated
Outer Material: Water resistant 60/40 cotton/nylon shell
Pocket Count: 4 exterior, 1 interior
Made in: USA


4. Norse Projects Rokkvi 6.0 Pertex Shield

Norse Projects Rokkvi 6.0 Pertex Shield

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, it’s safe to say Norse Projects knows a thing or two about staying warm. Elements of Danish design translate into their products, boasting clean lines, flattering silhouettes, and understated details. Their 6th edition of the Rokkvi parka includes numerous recycled materials sure to keep you warm, and the penguins cold. If you’re looking alternatives to Canada Goose with minimalist design coupled with maximal performance, this is a fantastic winter coat to purchase. 

Price: $1,060 USD
Down Fill:  750 recycled down
Temp. Rating: Unrated
Outer Material: Pertex Shield waterproof recycled polyester
Pocket Count: 3 exterior, 1 interior
Made in: China

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