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The Wes Anderson Style Guide

The Wes Anderson Style Guide

From Bottle Rocket to The French Dispatch, here are our recommended products that will match the filmmaker's flare.

How to dress like a Wes Anderson Film
Owen Wilson, The Royal Tenenbaums

On March 29, the much-anticipated trailer was released for Wes Anderson’s eleventh film, Asteroid City. While the film won’t be in theaters until June, fans are already reveling in the worldbuilding that’s become a signature of Anderson over his decades-long career as a filmmaker and auteur

While Anderson is a polarizing figure (critics often focus on a style-over-substance argument), there is no denying that his signature style is unwavering and oftentimes bordering on art versus cinema. Much of the success of Anderson’s charm is due to the small intricacies of his sets, which are dogmatically symmetrical and with a focus on layered veritas-style, relying heavily on bespoke props that never stray far from the overall thematic elements of his inspiration.

More attainable for many Anderson lovers are found in the wardrobe design of his films which, in many ways, are just an extension of the set decoration. Each character arrives on the screen fully formed and we use the wardrobe as clues to tell us a bit about the character, the world, and the story just by what’s on the actors’ bodies. It isn’t the overall visuals of the actor on screen which relies on exposition; but, instead, the small details which are almost an impressionistic painting of the character’s personality. Anderson invites us to look at each frame closely and discover, again and again, something new about his film’s characters.

So, to honor Anderson’s upcoming film, the team at Klein’s has put together a retrospective of sorts, looking at each film in Anderson’s oeuvre and pairing it with a wardrobe item one can buy today. Starting with Bottle Rocket and ending with The French Dispatch, we’ve compiled a garment or accessory which embodies the characters and settings of his films to honor Anderson’s work while injecting a little bit of cosplay for fun.

Film: Bottle Rocket

Item: Alex Mill Field Jumpsuit

Alex Mill
Field Jumpsuit in Chino

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Anderson’s earliest film, Bottle Rocket, lacks some of the refinement of his later works, but elements of his style are already present. One scene in particular stands out for many in which the main characters, including Owen and Luke Wilson, are executing a heist in yellow jumpsuits. Keep the larceny and yellow jumpsuits to some other guys and go for Alex Mill’s Field Jumpsuit to get a similar look without the risk of 20 to life at the state penitentiary.

Film: Rushmore

Item: Rowing Blazers’ 1852 Blazer

Klein's Journal Rowing Blazers
Men’s 1852 Blazer

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Here we begin to see the stylistic notes of Anderson for the first time. To fully embrace your Max Fischer, this navy flannel blazer with its white accent trim is reminiscent of Fischer’s Rushmore school uniform, but updated for the modern wearer, so you’re not stuck looking like a sophomore on your way to French Club.

Film: The Royal Tenenbaums

Item: FE Castleberry Roland Garros Borg Dad Fleece

Roland Garros Borg Dad Fleece
Roland Garros Borg Dad Fleece

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After Margot, Richie Tenenbaum might just be the most stylish person in the family. Inspired by his career as a tennis pro, Richie is constantly seen with a sweatband on his head paired with a tan suit. Going a little more casual, FE Castleberry’s homage to Bjorn Borg is the perfect way to inject a little Richie Tenenbaum into your wardrobe (without the, you know, incestuous storyline and suicide attempt).

Film: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Item: Farer AquaMatic Thurso

AquaMatic Klein's Journal
Farer Thurso AquaMatic

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The teals and reds that are reminiscent of Jacques Cousteau by way of Steve Zissou are alive in Farer’s Aquamatic watch. With its retro color palette and marine performance, it’s easy to imagine the crew of the Belafonte sporting these bad boys.

Film: The Darjeeling Limited

Item: Very Troubled Child Luggage

Large Savannah Trunk No. 1

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Ostensibly inspired by the Louis Vuitton luggage designed for Darjeeling, Very Troubled Child has taken the motif and properly ran with it. While other imitations may dilute the original, Very Troubled Child pays proper homage to The Darjeeling Limited by making quality products, not cheap knock-offs.

Film: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Item: Proper Cloth Corduroy Stretch Waverly Suit

The Corduroy Stretch Waverly Suit Proper Cloth
The Corduroy Stretch Waverly Suit

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There is something inexplicably cool about Wes Anderson’s interpretation of the Roald Dahl classic. Even a fox has an enviable wardrobe. For a more modern look, Proper Cloth’s Waverly Suit has the right balance between everyday wear and a bit of British elegance which sits squarely in the center of an Andersonian moodboard. 

Film: Moonrise Kingdom

Item: Quaker Marine French Workman’s Jacket in Nautical Red Herringbone

Klein's Journal French Workman’s Jacket in Nautical Red Herringbone
French Workman’s Jacket in Nautical Red Herringbone

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The real style icon of 2012’s Moonrise Kingdom has to be the narrator we meet at the start of the film, played by Bob Balaban. With his bright red coat and pine green cap, he’s a walking billboard of the Northeast. To update this look for a more casual wear without being sequestered to cold weather only, might I suggest Quaker Marine’s nautical red jacket? It has the perfect balance between vintage inspiration and modern interpretation, which fits well into the thematics of any Anderson film.

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Buck Mason Vintage - Nashville

Film: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Item: P. Le Moult’s Burgundy Pyjamas

Klein's Journal Wes Anderson
8820 Pyjama Burgundy with red piping 100% cotton Herringbone-light fabric-dyed

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Stylistically pristine, The Grand Budapest Hotel may have out-Wes Anderson’d Wes Anderson himself. With P. Le Moult’s quirky heritage (inspired by the founder’s grandfather Eugène Le Moult, famed butterfly hunter) and tonally perfect color palette, what better brand could one envision M. Gustave wearing to bed?

Film: Isle of Dogs

Item: Bella Freud Dog Sweatshirt

Bella Freud Klein's Journal
Embroidery Sweatshirt

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Set in an alternate version of Japan and done completely in stop-motion animation, Isle of Dogs may not have the easiest to spot fashion options. For me, something like Bella Freud’s dog motif, balanced on a black jumper, has the subtle charm of the film without veering inspiration from the film into costumery.

Film: The French Dispatch

Item: Yellow 108 North Sea Beret 

Klein's Journal Yellow 108
Black North Sea Beret

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Item: Vela ebike

The High Step by Vela Bikes

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With many stylistic inspirations to choose from for this French-inspired film, I went with the classics. Nothing gives a bit of Parisian flair quite like a beret and I am determined to bring this accessory back into the mainstream. Pair it with a stunning retro-inspired ebike from Vela and you’re ready to grab your morning baguette at the local boulangerie. Oh là là!


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