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Talk of the Town: Inside Sastrería Martínez, San Isidro’s Sartorial Speakeasy Bar

Talk of the Town: Inside Sastrería Martínez, San Isidro’s Sartorial Speakeasy Bar

Inspired by HBO's Boardwalk Empire, the local hotspot resembles 1920s Atlantic City.

Sastrería Martínez, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Hidden behind a makeshift a tailoring shop in Miraflores, Sastrería Martínez is the creation of founder and host Diego Macedo. Inspired by Scorsese’s Boardwalk Empire, Macedo came up with the idea of Lima’s famous speakeasy nearly 10 years ago. Having officially opened earlier this year, the bar is furnished in low-light with a vintage ambience offering jazz and open mic nights for those who dare to share their talent.

Sastrería Martínez

As usual, the intimate space offers little information online other than the ability to reserve a table. Once inside, which requires a hidden second entrance, the waiters tend to patrons dressed like the Shelby brothers. In addition to the classics, each cocktail has a story including a variation of Peru’s famous Pisco Sour. Since its opening, the bar has quickly become a go-to in Lima’s nightlife scene.

Sastrería Martínez

The capital has long been known for being the gastronomic hub of Latin America, and with Sastrería Martínez Macedo aims to cement the bar’s reputation as the finest speakeasy in the city with award-winning guests on rotation including Verónica di Pietrantonio and Pietro Collina.

Sastrería Martínez

“We want Lima to live the bar experience with a luxury cocktail bar that makes us dream of one day being world-renowned,” Macedo says. “Coming to drink a beer, a wine and cocktails made by our great guests will be pleasantly something usual in our beautiful speakeasy.”

If you happen to be in Lima this season, you can book a table by clicking here.


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