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La Dolce Vita: The Venetian Slipper Fusing Craftsmanship and Italian Lifestyle

La Dolce Vita: The Venetian Slipper Fusing Craftsmanship and Italian Lifestyle

Plus our three recommended colourways for any occasion.


Friulane shoes, also known as Venetian shoes, have gone through a dramatic transformation. Historically speaking, Friulane shoes originated as ‘peasant shoes’ sometime in the nineteenth century. Back then, they were made from scraps and recycled waste due to a lack of available materials. Families in the Friuli region of Italy began handcrafting them with more sophistication and purpose after the Second World War and today, the Venetian slipper has become an effortless style icon loved by the likes of Kate Moss, Tom Ford, and George Clooney.

In our opinion, the Friulane is a symbol of the typical sophistication you might expect from Italian footwear, especially if you’re perceptually longing for the Italian La Dolce Vita like we are.

Photo by Azaleri

Among our modern contemporaries is Azaleri. Providing some of the most beautiful examples of the Friulane, Azaleri’s story is an Italian one of passion and love for what their land has to offer. Most suitably, the company was born in Venice with the aim to deliver a contemporary fusion of manufacturing art and Italian lifestyle.

Elegant informality is the basis of their design, caring for the future yet drawing great inspiration from the past. Azaleri only collaborates with family-run workshops whose secrets and techniques of manufacturing have been passed down from generation to generation. Their shoes, from the Fruilane to their upcoming runner, are, in all aspects, Italian. They’re also handcrafted from start-to-finish and available in velvet, linen and suede.

Photo by Azaleri

San Daniele, Friuli Venezia Giulia is the beating soul of Azaleri’s handcraft production. A fundamental characteristic of their craft process is the chain stitch, which is rigorously handmade with needle and thread to join the upper and inner soles. This process allows the shoe to be much more comfortable, adapting to the foot in a short time and enveloping it in all its shape.

Inside, the sole is made of latex and wool felt that offers the comfort you’d expect. On the other hand, the sole is made of rubber and has a distinctive stitching that ensures greater stability and resistance. As Azaleri tells us, there is no machine that can achieve the same result of perfection. Each Friulane pair requires at least 2 hours of manual workmanship.

To celebrate the Italian La Dolce Vita, here are our favourite Azaleri colourways.

1. The Brandy Certosa in Suede

Photo by Azaleri

For afternoon adventures and aperitifs, the Certose in Brandy is our choice for daily excursions. The Certose provides a suede upper and insole with a wool felt and latex midsole. The rubber sole and insole are stitched together for superior comfort and grip.

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2. The Orca Certosa in Velvet

Photo by Azaleri

For more flair at brunch, the Certosa in Orca is our first choice. In our opinion, this beautiful velvet colour is hard to blunder. Like the suede Certosa, this pair is supplied with a wool felt and latex midsole. The rubber sole and insole are stitched together for superior comfort and grip.

3. The Torcello Black Certosa in Velvet

Photo by Azaleri

We love a black slipper regardless of the hour, but this Velvet Certosa in Torcello Black is a must for a night out. Depending on what the wardrobe calls for, this slipper can be word dressed up or dressed down. Like the selections above, this pair is outfitted with a wool felt and latex midsole, with the rubber sole and insole stitched together for superior comfort.

To see Azaleri’s full selection, you can visit their online shop here.

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