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Three Openings in NYC to Check Out This Summer

Three Openings in NYC to Check Out This Summer

From menswear to cocktails, we're offering a few suggestions.

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Summertime in NYC can be a lazy affair. The people that can, leave, and the people that stay may have to combat the mugginess and tourism that pervades the City from June to August. If you’re one of the latter half of people looking for what to do this month that’s not in your apartment, Klein’s can offer a few suggestions. The only thing we ask in return? Save us a seat for cocktails if you end up taking our recommendations.

J. Mueser – Rockefeller Plaza

Photo by J. Mueser

J. Mueser has been part of the IYKYK side of menswear since its inception in 2008. A bespoke clothing company, J. Mueser leans heavily on downtown New York sensibility with hand-made Neapolitan tailoring and shirting. Their new space in Rockefeller Center is an extension of the brand itself, giving Midtown a bit of what the West Village has known for 14 years. This new shop will offer prints from Sonic Editions, a handpicked selection of vinyls, and new, intensive tailoring options just for the location. We’re exceptionally excited about this opening, getting another peek into the world of J. Mueser and the sartorially-blessed men who run the operation.

Roi Du Lac

Photo by Roi Du Lac

Entering the world of an Italian princess and a Scottish designer may seem like the prompt of a good novel, but it’s the reality for the founders of Roi Du Lac. The duo has been making wallpaper, fabrics, housewares, and clothing from Marco Kinloch’s designs since its inception in 2016. Opened this month, Roi Du Lac now has a satellite operation running on 138 W 10th Street in Greenwich Village. Offering ready-to-wear clothing and home accessories, Roi Du Lac invites one into a bygone world that’s at once opulent while never feeling anachronistic.

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Photo by Bongos

Bongos is the type of restaurant that’s been maddeningly absent in New York for some time: the concept of which hinges on pleasure. Offering daily gala dinners, Bongo’s creates atmospheric meals, inviting guests to sit, stay, and dine on dishes such as manzanilla croquettes, charbroiled oysters, or an order of chicken with Calabrian relish in delicious abundance. Bongos will, we hope, be a staple in the Lower East Side, and we’re looking forward to a few sips of the house interpretation of a highball on a hot summer night. And, we can’t confirm, but a few IG stories show that cigarettes come complimentary with the cheque. How very chic.

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