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Varsity Headwear Enters New Season, Tapping Vitale Barberis Canonico and Tärnsjö Garveri

Varsity Headwear Enters New Season, Tapping Vitale Barberis Canonico and Tärnsjö Garveri

Brothers Alexander and Sebastian Adams are upping the stakes of quality premium caps.

Varsity AW2022

Norwegian cap specialist Varsity Headwear enters the new season with a focus on an array of stylish, functional and premium pieces, creating the perfect accessory for both men and women for a multitude of occasions.

One of our favourites from the latest drop is the wool cap (we ordered it in Taupe Brown), a fabric that the team have been championing for the last several years. It offers a natural, richer and more simplistic style with functionality at the forefront.

“Wool is an amazing fabric and gives a really sophisticated and refined look,” says co-founder Alex Adams. “It’s super breathable and actually a great all-year-round material for cap wearers. There is a definite misconception that wool can only be worn in the winter,” he adds. “When designing our caps we had to look for luxury fabrics that would work effortlessly with the customers’ wardrobe and that could last a long time. The wool caps tick those boxes.”

Varsity Headwear’s co-founders and brothers, Alexander and Sebastian Adams

For those not in the know, Varsity Headwear was founded by brothers Alexander and Sebastian Adams in 2012. They spent 12 months of intense planning and development before launching their first shop in Oslo a year later. Since then, every detail has been rethought and improved, taking inspiration from luxury watch straps to create the ultimate fit from the best mills in the world. It’s from this constant pursuit of perfection that Varsity Headwear has been able to expand around the globe.

Having wanted to move towards simpler, cleaner designs with a higher quality and exclusive feel, Alexander and Sebastian felt that wool was the natural way to go. The first wave of products in the material is already proving popular with wholesalers, which has since opened doors to the brand’s early lifecycle.

“There has been a renewed focus for the AW22 collection,” says Sebastian. “We have refined the wool colours this year with more combinations such as the melange wool. Being more established we are able to do that now, working alongside amazing ‘makers’ including the oldest wool mill in the world, Vitale Barberis Canonico and the prestigious Tärnsjö Garveri, for our new vegetable-tanned leather strap.”

Varsity Headwear AW2022

Those finer touches are a signature statement within the Varsity brand, where caps take a younger, baseball style fit, but with that key refined element through premium materials. Subtleties such as linings, leather straps and steel rings, combined with immaculate packaging and accessories, enables the brand to stand out amongst others.

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“For the wider collection there is a focus on technical fabrics which includes the wool tech caps, consisting of a lighter wool with technical membrane,” adds Alexander. “We also have special edition pieces including the Loro Piana cap, which is priced at an accessible price point of $165 as well as the tartan wool from Abraham Moon & Sons,” he adds.

The AW offer also includes the traditional oilskin caps, with the new addition of Scholler Ripstop Oilskin in a soft shape. Regardless of what cap you’re into, it’s nice to see the brand continuing to put simplistic quality above all else.

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