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Evan Klein

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Our Contributors

Eric Twardzik, Writer at Klein's Journal

Eric Twardzik is a freelance writer with a passion for classic menswear and classic cocktails. He has a deep reverence for things that get better with age, like tweed jackets and single malt scotch.

His writing has appeared in magazines including Robb Report and Sarto, and online at InsideHook and Vice. He has far too many ties and not enough occasions to wear them.

Website: erictwardzik.com

Eric Twardzik

Brett F. Braley-Palko is a writer and marketing manager based on a farm in Pennsylvania, USA. Brett has written for a variety of publications in the United States, Italy, and the UK, with an emphasis on fine living, cookery, the aristocracy, and even chickens.

He is working on his first novel.

Website: brettfbraley.com

Brett F. Braley

Kleins Journal - Brett F. Braley
Faye Fearon
Faye Fearon is a Paris-based menswear journalist who writes with culture in mind. Previously the Junior Digital Editor at British GQ, her writing has been commissioned by publications including L’étiquette, British Vogue, Holiday, Monocle, and Mr Porter. By day, she continues to contribute her style insights to GQ, and by night, she can be found somewhere in the depths of French café culture.

Faye Fearon

Marko is a writer, life-long traveler, and the creator of Vagabrothers, one of the most trusted travel shows on YouTube with 1M+ subscribers worldwide. He is based in Mexico City, where he covers the impact of remote work on local communities through his newsletter The Missive. Marko is also the host of Mexico’s most popular monthly storytelling slam, Cuéntame.

The Missive / Instagram

Marko Ayling

Marko Ayling, Author Photo for Klein's Journal
Kleins Journal - JP Karwicki

JP Karwacki is a Montréal-based writer and journalist whose work has appeared in Time Magazine, Eater, the Montreal Gazette, National Post, Time Out, NUVO Magazine, and more.

When he started out working on the frontlines of the city’s restaurants and bars, he spent his time thinking about, reading about, and writing about the city’s restaurants and bars.

Today, he is a loudmouthed boulevardier focused on spreading the good word about amazing things to eat, drink and do both in Montreal and across Canada.

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

JP Karwacki

Ana Morgoshia is an art historian and a writer based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Her main interests are art and Eastern European politics. She has contributed to publications such as Service 95 and the Movement.

Ana Morgoshia

Nolan Daniel White is a creative consultant, content creator, brand owner, and writer based out of Montreal, Canada. His earliest passions for cars and watches led him down a deep rabbit hole where he found furniture, fashion, and the occasional culinary experiment. From a humble Tik-Tok account, Nolan has built a community around sharing interests and putting people onto ‘the good stuff.’

Instagram / TikTok

Nolan Daniel White

Charlie Thomas is a UK-based writer and photographer. His work has appeared in The Independent, The Times, the London Evening Standard, NME, Esquire, Tatler, GQ and Robb Report.

Website: charlie-thomas.co.uk

Charlie Thomas

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