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In Conversation: Vintage Shopping with Andres Mescua

In Conversation: Vintage Shopping with Andres Mescua

Merging American vintage military with an off-Ivy influence.

Andres Mescua Klein's Journal

This week I had the pleasure to connect with Andres Mescua in Marbella, Spain. His iconic style blends American vintage military with an off-Ivy influence that has made him one of the best-dressed gents at this season’s Pitti Uomo. We discuss where to shop in Florence and Paris, and learn how he got his start in clothing.

Andres Mescua

Klein’s: Andres, thanks for being here. I’m excited that we can connect.

Andres: Thanks for having me on. The project is fantastic.

Klein’s: For our readers, tell us where your story begins.

Andres: I started in the world of clothing in 2014. I have always liked old things. I see something special in them. The way the fabrics are made, in their lines, the materials. But long before I started in fashion I was into classic cars. I owned a few of them, and I was always at the local flea markets looking for car parts and old furniture for my home.

Andres Mescua

Klein’s: So the clothing came later.

Andres: Much later, because you have to understand that Spain is not a country with a vintage culture. Or at least it wasn’t at that time. Pieces that are 30 years or older are almost impossible to find here. With the country in a dictatorship until the end of the 1970s, the entry of military material or other types of American brands was something rare and expensive. It wasn’t until the 1980s and 1990s that the market got better. After the end of World War II, the world embraced capitalism and the US lifestyle, but for Spain things didn’t start to trickle in until much later.

Klein’s: It had to play catch up in that sense.

Andres: It did, yeah.

Klein’s: I’m a big fan of your style because it’s unique in the sense that you combine bold pieces with classic layers. I’m almost envious of how you put things together. How did you develop your style in the early days?

Andres: Thank you, I appreciate that a lot. I started following accounts that I liked. I saw such great clothing, I was inspired. They were timeless with that quality and that patina, you know? And little by little, I started studying buttons, labels, zippers, everything. I did a lot of research and made a lot of friends in the industry. I still have those friendships today and we still help each other out.

Andres Mescua

Klein’s: It was a natural progression, then. 

Andres: Very much so. But if I had to identify one specific moment, it would be during Pitti Uomo in 2017 that solidified everything for me. That’s when I knew that this was something I wanted to pursue. I was able to meet many of my Instagram references who are my good friends now. And I found myself part of this great community. From there, it’s been years of study, learning, and collecting from all over the world.

Andres Mescua

Klein’s: Are there any shops you can recommend for our readers?

Andres: The best places for me are always the flea markets. You go to any city and the flea markets are always a good option. I travel a lot with my girlfriend and we always dedicate a day to see the markets or fairs. They are incredible places full of people selling everything and many vendors have incredible knowledge about very old vintage clothing. I’m passionate about learning from them.

Klein’s: Plus the prices are better and you can negotiate.

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Andres: Exactly. They love to negotiate and that’s always fun. 

Andres Mescua

Klein’s: Is there a favourite market that comes to mind?

Andres: The Paris Flea Market comes to mind. But there are many. Some places that have always treated me well and that I usually go to in person are Militarygoods in Naples, Clochard9.2 in Firenze, and Militaria tower in Bologna Italy. If I’m shopping online I usually buy from eBay or from Instagram accounts like @sh_archival, @vintageclothink, and @huntervintagefirenze. 

Klein’s: What are 5 essential vintage pieces you have in your closet?

Andres: That’s a tough one. I would say that you can never go wrong with a 50s blazer. I also love a letterman college sweater from the same era, the 1950s or 60s.  Other pieces include the US army military pant Og 107, a Chinese military pant US Army from the 1950s or 1960s, and the US army M51 and M65 jackets. Those are staples.

Klein’s: How does shopping or collecting vintage change the way you dress?

Andres: Collecting true vintage pieces goes beyond owning something old. It’s about seeing the fabric and incorporating the timeless design of that era. Very few brands offer that today. It’s as much about style as it is history and education.

Andres Mescua
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