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Step Inside Italy’s La Dolce Vita Orient Express Train

Step Inside Italy’s La Dolce Vita Orient Express Train

First renderings of the 1960s inspired railcars are revealed, along with information on how to book your spot.

La Dolce Vita Orient Express

Antithetical to the jet set crowd, luxury train travel promises a nostalgic experience. In a world that’s constantly go-go-go, the concept of taking the scenic route is appealing to more passengers in Europe and Asia. We might have Agatha Christie to thank for that, due to her bestselling book, Murder on the Orient Express, which debuted in 1934. If Christie popularized the route from Paris to Istanbul, then the post-war “Spies Express” era made the Orient Express stuff of legend.

La Dolce Vita Orient Express

Leading the recent train expansion across Europe is the luxury travel operator, Belmond, and the French hotel brand Accor, whose latest reveal includes Italy’s beautiful La Dolce Vita Orient Express.

The train, in partnership with Arsenale, promises to encapsulate “the glamour, joie de vivre, and artistic fervor of the 1960s” with lavish golden age Italian interiors from architecture and design studio, Dimorestudio.

The midcentury interiors merge vintage excellence with contemporary relevance in 12 deluxe wood-lined cabins, 18 master suites, and just one “La Dolce Vita” suite.

In total, the 11-carriage train will carry 62 passengers only. Crossing from Italy from north to south on six iconic itineraries, passengers will able to enjoy recipes created by master Italian chefs who will use local Italian ingredients.

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La Dolce Vita Orient Express

The restaurant car will offer lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea. The Bar Car will feature live music, an aperitivo and antipasti buffet, after-dinner cocktails, and Italian wines. All cabins will offer room service for guests.

Beginning April 2, 2024, travelers in the United States and Canada can call (833) 661-3080 to book their tickets with La Dolce Vita Orient Express. Online bookings will be available on April 24, 2024 at the La Dolce Vita website.

La Dolce Vita Orient Express
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