Experience La Vie Parisienne With Le Coup de Foudre

The Paris-based agency takes guests beyond the velvet ropes of some of the most historic brands in the city.

Le Coup de Foudre
Justina Socas and Clément Le Coz, creators of Le Coup de Foudre

“Paris is full of secrets. Full of magic.”

This is the first sentence I wrote down in my notebook while on a call with Justina Socas and Clément Le Coz, the husband-and-wife duo behind Paris-based experience agency Le Coup de Foudre. It was over Zoom in late May when I first met the couple to learn more about their experienced-based business. I apologized in advance that my dogs may make some noise. They jokingly apologized, too, saying their young daughter, Cósima, was in the next room.

Throughout the hour-long call, I amassed nearly six pages of bons mots and insider details of the public relations and events agency which has gained the attention of Yolanda Edwards of Yolo Journal and the editorial team of Monsieur magazine. Through anecdotes of Justina’s upbringing in Argentina to Clément’s CV in the luxury world, the conversation was peppered with designer names and luxury stores that Le Coz and Socas regularly frequent when hosting guests in the city.

Their company isn’t like many others. Le Coup de Foudre is an experience, more than it is a tour of Paris. The name, which translates roughly to “love at first sight” (or, more exciting – a clap of thunder), is exactly the feeling that founders Justina and Clément want for their guests. Instead of showing tours of the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe, Le Coup de Foudre invites you into the world that both founders feel most comfortable in: a world that’s beautiful, elegant, and a bit private from the general public.

Justina Socas and Clément Le Coz, creators of Le Coup de Foudre
Justina Socas and Clément Le Coz, creators of Le Coup de Foudre

Having both worked in the luxury world, Le Coup de Foudre is a love letter to the City of Lights while also being a sort of walking little black book for their clients. Guests come to see Socas and Le Coz to experience Paris like a Parisian would, eschewing the tourist traps for the old world elegance that’s in plain sight – if, that is, one knows where to look.

Le Coup de Foudre takes guests beyond the velvet ropes of some of the most historic brands the city has to offer. It isn’t just about access, though, but about education. The mission of the business is to introduce their clients to a world that’s not easily found on a map or Google; but found by simply living in the moment, going down an unexplored street, or finding inspiration in an arrondissement you may have otherwise missed. Because of this, Le Coup de Foudre has amassed a global roster of clientele, from couples on holiday to interior design firms, who not only appreciate the innate elegance of Clément and Justina themselves, but their ease in exploring and explaining what makes Paris so special.

As Clément put it, “Paris cultivates a taste for luxury and craftsmanship and we want to show others that side of our city.” It is this drive to share that has allowed for the couple to open their lives to their guests. Each tour is tailored to the needs of the clients, with Clément and Justina using their encyclopedic knowledge of the city to source the best places to visit while on their tours. Anything from dresses for a special event to vintage tableware can be accommodated and sourced during their tours, giving a unique on-the-ground and authentic opportunity to live as Parisians do – if only for a day.

As the couple’s clientele continues to grow, there is a vision of further expanding the services of Le Coup de Foudre, including curated pop-ups with brands and a special event coming up with Monsieur later this autumn. A clothing line, called LAPROMESA, was also started by the couple earlier this year, but none of that is the main objective. As Justina put it as we ended our interview, “When you come to Paris, you’re expecting magic and we can give that to [our clients].” 

To celebrate the magic of Paris, we’re providing a suggestive itinerary for your next stay. 

Clément Le Coz of Le Coup de Foudre

24 Hours in Paris

We start our day on the left bank, always.

09:00 am – Tram Café

Have a « café allongé » and a croissant

10:00 am – from Panthéon to Place de L’Odéon

Walk through the heart of the Paris Etudiant

11:00 am – Superstich

Arthur will teach you about denim

12:00 pm – Astier de Villatte 

By far, Paris’s most poetic and elegant ceramists.

Let’s cross the River Seine

01:00 pm – Aux Lyonnais

Our last « coup de foudre ».

Alain Ducasse’s gastronomic gem in the heart of Paris.

02:30 pm – Lafayette Saltiel

Our favorite fabric merchant in Paris.

Virgile will lead you through his outstanding selection of fabrics.

03:30 pm – Thx God I’m a VIP

Our favorite vintage in Paris. A blast!

04:30 pm – Oficine Universelle Buly

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A beauty shop with the most refined packaging in town.

05:30 pm – La Boutique des Choses

The designers Gilles et Boissier’s new boutique of objects.

06:30 pm – Maison Gabriel

The reference for quality fabric suits for men and women.

07:30 pm – Bar Hemingway

Watch out for the line! Be patient.

08:30 pm – Dinner at Le Mermoz

Ask the manager for recommendations.

10:00 pm – The night walk 

Avenue Montaigne, Le Grand Palais, Le petit Palais, Pont Alexandre III, Les Invalides. Home.

We are back on the left bank.

For more information on Le Coup de Foudre, follow their Instagram here.

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